Welcome to the world of Aspanta!

Aspanta Limited is an expert in full-cycle development software-as-a-service mobile and web applications. Our products turn difficult technological solutions in easy-to-use secure services. Our unique technology allows to create and host online services are resistant to any kind of attack.

We can develop any kind of secure applications for your business. Our principal engineers are all certified experts. Our strong project management systems ensures quality and timely delivery of the final product to the client. Of course, we are providing support of the developed products as well.

Basic specializations

Software-as-a-Service backends
Mobile and web applications
Intranet secure networking
Blockchain technologies

Principles of our work


We always complete the launched and concerted project, no matter how complex and unexpected it was. All for client satisfaction.


We always finish the project on time. We can ask to extend the deadline in emergency cases only. Or compensate it.


Every completed project is a product of high quality only. We always provide a guarantee period, during which all the possible bugs will be fixed free of charge.

Our services

Looking for software developer and technical integrator, experienced in cloud computing, mobile and web applications, private networking and blockchain solutions? This is all about us.

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Cloud services

Creating any kind of cloud services, such as Software-as-a-Service, Secure storages, Databases, Intranet networking

Web applications

Developing secure web applications, API engines, high-load ready, with unique hosting, resistant to any kind of attack

Mobile applications

Creating smart mobile applications with excellent user-friendly interfaces, capable of operating with infrastructure

Private networking

We can connect your branches around the world in a private internal network, strong secured, protected from listening

Technical infrastructure

Would you like to design and build a solid technical infrastructure? Ask us how.

Blockchain based solutions

Do you need to develop any blockchain based solution? You bet, we can do that excellently.

Our products

We are developing own cloud and on-premise solutions for heavy load systems in telecommunications, electronic commerce, decentralized technologies.

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Aspanta Cart

The engine which allows you to create a mobile app of your online store in a few clicks

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PBX-Sphere Online

Smart online PBX for your business with unbreakable, stable and safe infrastructure

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Probably the most technological, useful and safe cryptoplatform in the market

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